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Jamii Aid Network aspires to see  community self- sustaining projects that create positive impacts on:

(i) Eradicating poverty,(ii) Access to Healthcare & Reproductive Health services & information, (iii) Access to clean and safe water,(iv) Campaign against drug and substance abuse AND (v)Community peace building initiatives.

 We believe that it is only through the collective efforts of many actors that these objects can be achieved. We therefore, work with community-based organizations, national and international governmental and non-governmental organizations to deliver programs that meet the needs and aspirations of our beneficiaries.
Jamii Aid Network seeks engagement with partners to help effectively address the root causes of our
objects and empower communities to be agents and initiators of their progress. We believe in
partnering with individuals and organizations that support the actions of the poor and marginalized
communities in developing self-sustaining and locally-owned projects. Our organization is guided by
a number of partnership concepts namely:

- Autarchy and Liberty
- Shared Objectives
- Common accountability and Straightforwardness
- Transparency on Responsibilities and Duties


Institutional integrity and independence form the basis of our funding relationship with our partners.
The clarity in information is our integral role in communicating partnership relationship positions. We
therefore ensure commonality in objectives in the engagement process for an efficiently viable
partnership relationship even as we give a listening ear to views and values not common to us from our

partners. Even as we give much respect and attention to the institutional autonomy of our partners, much
emphasis is also put on the partner’s institutional identity and priorities.


Jamii Aid Network’s objects include but not limited to;

- To improve access to Reproductive health and healthcare services & information by engaging in activities that aid in the achievement of the same in partnership with communities, development partners, donors, sponsors, and other like-minded bodies.

- To improve access to clean and safe water to various deserving communities.
- To organize, plan, and carry out campaigns against drug and alcohol
- To raise, mobilize and disburse funds and other humanitarian assistance
- To carry out youth and women empowerment projects i.e.
entrepreneurship training. Etc.
-Mitigation of Domestic violence and it effects.

Jamii Aid Network welcomes a shared and common ground with partners and interested partners. We
therefore encourage shared objectives, values, and vision for efficient and smooth partnerships since we
believe that even in differing opinions we can dialogue for common grounds.


Discussions on Jamii Aid Network’s accountability to our partners and communities for whom we work
with are made vividly transparent. We acknowledge and recognize financial management and Non-
funding relationship standards. On maintaining these standards we regularly work to address
accountability-related concerns in our partnerships. We, therefore, are open in designing accountability
designs with partners in various partnerships to assist in planning, management, and evaluation processes.
Monitoring and evaluation of programs/projects remain an integral part of Jamii Aid Network’s systems
in reinforcing accountability both to the partners and communities with whom we work.


Jamii Aid Network involves partners in formulating strategies and design on which we can jointly work.
We, therefore, create space for regular consultations with partners to ensure a clear understanding of
partnership agreements. Therefore, elements of partnership processes and decision-making must be
clearly understood for healthy partnerships.