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Malnutrition in Children under five

Undernutrition which is a form of malnutrition causes wasting, stunting, under-weight  resulting in diet related non-communicable diseases. 

Similarly inadequate vitamin and minerals may also result into NCDs.

Undernutrion and  micronutrient-related malnutrition are today linked to a large percentage of deaths  among children under five years of age in rural, urban, peri-urban and informal settlements.

The medical, economic, social and developmental impacts of malnutrition are serious and lasting for families and communities across the globe. 

Jamii Aid Network aims to:

i. Achieve health and well being of the affected malnutrition children under five years of age

ii. Work with partners , donors and Sponsors towards achieving universal access to effective nutrition interventions

iii. To achieve healthy diets from sustainable and resilient food systems for the affected children 

iv. Help to set and advocate for policies that promote nutrition among-st children under five 

v. Monitor and evaluate malnutrition interventions implementation programs to ensure sustainable nutrition outcomes

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