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Socio-Economic Community Empowerment

Socio-Economic Community Empowerment

Unemployment is one of the biggest challenges facing most nations. A larger percentage of the unemployed in Kenya are below 35 years. Every year, thousands of graduates are released to the job market. However, the growth in the demand for labor has been slower than the growth in the supply of labor in the market. Unemployed graduates are frustrated at the inability to secure jobs. The high rate of unemployment among the Kenyan youth is a ticking time bomb. It leaves the youth vulnerable and easy targets for recruitment by violent extremist groups and other groups or individuals who use them to perpetuate violence.

BodaBoda is a Swahili word for motor-cycle business in Kenya. The business originated from Bicycle cyclists some years back along Kenyan-Ugandan border. It is being used as a means of transport, ferrying both people and goods over longer distances. Currently, BodaBoda has shifted and dispersed all over Kenya, with motor bikes being the main transit vehicle. Motorists plus their bikes have had impacts on the social, economic, political and by far changing the lives of many citizens as either positive or  negative.  Under this program, Jamii Aid Network partners with financial institutions and other stakeholders to provide financial and entrepreneurial training to the youth in institutions of learning and youth groups across the country.

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