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The Deaf, Adolescent and the Youth

These are vulnerable groups in the society and as such, are at high risk of much  reproductive health challenges namely:

i Lack of basic  reproductive Heath information

ii Lack of skills in negotiating sexual relationships

iii Social, cultural and religious believes and practices

iv. Dug and substance abuse

v. Sexual and gender based violence.

Jamii Aid Network Objects To:

a) Create awareness and educate these vulnerable groups in the community on family planning methods and reproductive health

b) Enhance capacity building on health care professionals to enable them pass family planning and reproductive health information to these vulnerable groups.

c) Train healthcare facilities and their managers to be friendly to these vulnerable groups in order to access family planning and reproductive health care services with ease.

d) Jamii Aid Network seeks to partner with health care outlets and professionals

e) Link these vulnerable groups with friendly family planning and reproductive health care facilities(Facilities whose staff have been trained to deliver as such and the vulnerable groups can receive right information /counselling in the right language )

f) Jamii Aid Network seeks to collaborate with Funding partners, Sponsors, Donors, Development partners in order to achieve the above objectives

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